For iPhone Holder and Adjustable Neck Strap (Lanyard)

(Small Clamp holds invisible Chest Strap worn under shirt)

(Also Works for iPod Touch Case with Lanyard)

Prevent Swing and Bounce

For Serious Exercise:

Walking and Hiking




Cross Country Skiing

Solo Dancing with Earphones

Working Out at Gym

Canoeing and Boating

Hands-Free Video

Farming, Gardening, Crop Picking, Pushing Stroller, or Walking Dog

For All College Students and Adults Working Out at the Fitness Center.

(Listen to lectures, Podcasts, books and music as you workout)

Also use just by itself to prevent chaffed skin from flopping T shirts.

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The Chest Strap

Our invisible chest strap is made of FDA approved clear plastic tubing and has an adjustable length. It is very flexible and washable. The chest strap is worn under your “t” shirt, blouse or button shirt. The strap should be placed above the stomach at the base of the sternum and fitted loosely. Women can wear it on a tank top. A  cord lock is used to adjust the length of the chest strap.

(Locating and Adjusting the Chest Strap)

The Stabilizer consists of the adjustable, invisible chest strap made out of clear tubing, and our iPhone Raincoat with a special clamp on the bottom.

Preventing Swing and Bounce. Our Stabilizer will prevent your iPhone and Adjustable Lanyard from swinging left and right and prevent it from bouncing or flopping forward and back. This item is for serious exercise (walking, hiking, jogging, running, bicycling, cross country skiing, canoeing, boating, solo dancing with earphones, and working out at your gym). Furthermore, with your iPhone and lanyard stabilized, the problem of  a swinging electronic device in the pocket of your running shorts is completely eliminated. In addition, this Stabilizer will prevent chaffed skin on long distance runs due to bouncing T shirts.

Directions For Use

  1. 1.Drape Stabilizer tube onto bare chest, roughly at the middle of the sternum, just below your armpits. Tighten cord-lock.

  2. 2.Put on T Shirt, blouse, etc.

  3. 3.Insert your iPhone and Holder into the Raincoat and close the top of the Raincoat.

  4. 4.Open clamp at bottom of Raincoat and clamp over T shirt and Stabilizer tube. 


The Stabilizer costs $9.00 plus $2.50 shipping anywhere in the U.S.A. Each Stabilizer includes our iPhone Raincoat.

Also See our iPhone Holder,  and our Earphone Holder, and our Adjustable Neck Strap and Holder for the iPad.

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Raincoat shown attached to invisible chest strap. No swinging or flopping.