Adjustable Lanyard for Any Case or Sleeve


For Any iPhone Case (5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, or 3GS)

(Also for Any iPod Touch Case or Sleeve)

Cost: $14.95 each plus $5 shipping anywhere in USA or elsewhere.

Free Shipping on 2nd-6th Holder ordered at same time.

Call us with questions or to order over the phone: 978-927-9234.

Use with any case - Waterproof Adhesive
Use with any case

Industrial Adhesive Holder with Snap-On Adjustable Lanyard

Our Industrial Adhesive Holder arrives in the mail and attaches to the back of any case or sleeve. A special lobster clasp allows you to separate the Adjustable Lanyard from your case or sleeve whenever desired. You can use this on any iPhone case or sleeve, or iPod Touch case or sleeve, or any other Smartphone case or sleeve.

No one has ever found fault with this product as regards water (despite some proactive apprehension in the general public).

In addition, we offer an unconditional 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Here are some additional points. The industrial adhesive on our Adhesive Holder is very strong. Normally, you have to grab a corner of the Adhesive Holder with a pair of pliers to pull it off, and this will only work if you use considerable force. The adhesive works by gaining strength overnight, just after it has been applied. Be sure to give the adhesive this amount of time before using it. The adhesive is so strong that it effectively creates a watertight seal with a hard case. Never remove and then reuse an Adhesive Holder. It is meant for just one application.

Water Testing:

We have submerged in water an iPhone hard case with our Adhesive Holder attached for the following successive amounts of time, with strenuous testing after each time increment. No problems were found:

1 minute

5 minutes

30 minutes

1 hour

2 hours

5 hours

10 hours

24 hours

We believe you can feel confident in proceeding with your purchase.

Cost of our Industrial Adhesive Holder and Snap-On Adjustable Lanyard is $14.95, plus $5.00 Shipping anywhere in the USA or elsewhere. Free Shipping on 2nd-6th Holder ordered at same time.

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