End Tangled Earphones

With Our Special Holder

For Your Earphones

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  1. End earphone tangles forever. Our unique system of inserted eyelets and spring rings organizes earphones for use and storage.

  2. Easily add your existing earphones to our special neck strap (See directions lower on this page).

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Earphone Holder with integrated buds

Earphones  Ready to Use

Earphone cords stay lined up with


Earphones fold and unfold easily and


  1. Note: For maximum comfort exercising in a gym or fitness center, wear a sweatband over your forehead and down over ear buds in your ears.


(Earphones are not included)

Earphone Holder: $7.95 each.

Shipping  anywhere in USA by USPS with Delivery Confirmation is $2.00.

Call with questions or to order over the phone: 1-978-927-9234.

  1. 1. Insert one earphone into the spring ring at one end of the black nylon cord.  To do this hold the spring ring in one hand and pull the sliding barrel back with the other hand (see left photo above). Then twist the open ends of the spring ring 1/16 inch and insert the cable in the opening (see right photo above).

  2. 2. Then pull back the sliding barrel again and re-align the sliding barrel and the hole on the opposite side of the spring ring and release the sliding barrel into the opening across the gap.

  3. 3. Now insert the other earphone into the spring ring on the other end of the black nylon cord using the same procedure.

Total assembly time should be about 2-3 minutes.

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Adding Earphones to Your Earphone Holder

(No Tools Required)

Opening Spring Ring with Two Hands

Twist Ends of Split Ring Until Offset 1/16”.