Earphone Cord Winder and Pouch


For Apple Earphones and All Ear Buds

  1. Prevent Tangles

  2. Unwind Your Earphone Cord Fast and Automatically

  3. Protect Your Ear Buds from Loosing Parts

  4. Real Suede Leather (brown, black, or beige) or Clear Vinyl

  5. Made in America

Cost of Earphone Cord Winder and Pouch is $12.95 for real Suede, and $8.50 for Clear Vinyl, plus $5.00 for shipping anywhere in the USA or the world. Call us with questions: 978-927-9234.

Directions for Use

1. Open case and place Apple earphones or any Ear Buds in pouch.

2. Wrap Earphone Cord around pouch. Then stick jack end into pouch.


3. Fold top down and secure with Velcro fastener.

4. To automatically unwind earphone cord fast, just lift up jack end of earphone cord. Cord will unwind automatically as the pouch falls. Earphones will usually stay in pouch after unwinding.

Look  of Clear Vinyl

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