1. 1.Add your Adhesive Holder as per setup directions included with unit. When you lift up your iPhone, the screen is ready to read.

  2. 2.Drape the lanyard (strap) over your head and neck.

  3. 3.To lower your iPhone, press the spring-loaded cord-lock with one hand, as you lower the cord-lock with the same hand.

  4. 4.To raise your iPhone, press the cord-lock with one hand and raise the cord-lock, as you pull the bottom of the lanyard down with your other hand.

  5. 5.Slip on the optional iPhone Holder Raincoat when needed to protect against rain, snow, sand, or sweat.

  6. 6.Access the charging port on your iPhone at any time. It is always available.

  7. 7.Add keys to the bottom of your lanyard, if you wish.

  8. 8.To stabilize photos and video as you walk around, adjust the length of the lanyard so it provides additional support as you shoot your photos and video.

  9. 9.To change neck straps, pick the lanyard you want. Use a short piece of fishing line, string, dental floss, or heavy thread, if necessary, to pull the loop of the lanyard through the cord lock, while you squeeze the cord lock open. You should not need to use any “string” with the clear lanyards. See photo below. A short piece of fishing line is included to help you change lanyards if desired.


  1. 10.To keep earphone cords from flopping, tuck extra length under shirt or blouse.

  2. 11.Also use on your Purse Handle, or Belt: Slip top of lanyard around Purse Handle or under Belt, and then put iPhone through top of lanyard. Keep iPhone in purse or pocket when not in use. Easily raise iPhone to ear. Adjust length of lanyard as needed.

  3. 12.Use our optional Earphone Holder to keep earphones on your neck, when not in your ears.

  4. 13.Use our optional Stabilizer to keep iPhone from swinging or flopping when running.

  5. 14.When bicycling, raise phone to just below chin, so speakers are just below ears.

  6. 15.A separate cord-lock is included for optional use on the top section of any lanyard. This will keep your lanyard neatly under your collar, or snugly on your wrist.

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